3 Types Of Online Dating Profiles To Avoid

When you’re online dating you will come into contact with all types of people and profiles. Some you’ll be eager to get to know more about while others might make you want to sign off the internet for good.

Everyone is different, but in general here are three types of online dating profiles that you should avoid.

1. Very negative profiles. We all have past experiences, some much better or worse than others. Your online dating profile isn’t the place to vent about every bad dating experience you’ve ever had, but some people tend to think quite the opposite. They fill up their profiles with detailed descriptions of their last failed date or make snarky remarks about online dating in general. Perhaps they think they are just being funny, but if they are already poking fun of the notion of finding love online, it’s important to question if their heart is really in the game at all. Plus, should you consider going on a date with a negative over-sharer, you run the risk of them writing about you on their profile!

2. No photos. Five or even three years ago, it was still acceptable for someone to be using an online dating site and not have a photo. These days, there is no reason someone should NOT have a profile picture. In fact, they should have many more than just one photo. If not, it begs the question – WHY? Are they hiding something? Is it a fake or spam profile? Do they just not care about online dating that much? All of the possible answers to these questions point to one thing and one thing only-run, don’t walk, away from this person.

3. Too good to be true. Have you ever read an online dating profile and thought to yourself “This person sounds too good to be true”? With good reason-they probably are. When a profile seems too scripted or perfect, it lacks any personality or depth. These are the same kind of people who send the same mass email to twenty different women on a Friday night, hoping to see how many take the bait. There is nothing wrong with putting a lot of effort into your profile or even having a friend or professional service edit it for you, but make sure that at the core it sounds like it’s a real person, not a robot or an online dating player!


  • Great advice! Of course the best way to find out what someone is really like before arranging a date is to use the video chat feature on a reputable site. The camera (especially video) NEVER lies!

    • But it can, there are different softs that alow you to stream whatever you want. For example, you can chose to stream a video with a good looking woman, and in reality you to be a f*cked up men.

  • Number 3 – too good to be true is always the dangerous one. Like this article i’ve read about a LadyBoy confessing to her boyfriend that she was a dude!!!