5 Sexy Things to Do With Your Husband

Cleavage - 5 Sexy Things to Do With Your HusbandMarried people, they get caught up in their everyday lives: work, friends, football games, friends, meetings, friends, shopping, friends. Well, you get the point. Unfortunately, this causes many marriages to turn cold and some eventually die. Have you ever wondered how people stay married for 20, 30, or more years? The key for a lifetime marriage is to say focused on your soulmate. Here are some sexy things to do with your husband that will weaken up the passion and desire:

1. Challenge your husband to strip

Challenge him to strip while playing some game on PlayStation 3 (or any other game). Doing things togheter is awesome, especially if you both end up naked. Make him remove a piece of clothing every time you score.

This can be considered a sexy thing to do with your husband because it eroticizes something ordinary. Ok, now it’s your turn to undress.

2. Get wet

Ask him to help you wash the dishes, and then start a water fight. Studies have shown that when couples do physical chores together, it can lead to sex in new places at different times.

Get all wet washing the car together, and while you’re at it, rediscover the backseat.

3. Roleplaying / Dress-up
The beauty of role playing is that you get to be anyone you want, and that usually means that inhibitions (both yours and his) slowly diminish into nothingness. Leave aside the french maid and the demanding boss kind of role playing, and focus on that kinky element that could be missing from what may otherwise be a very enriching sex life.

There is something very sexy about the element of surprise. Go for a role never played before and try to wear something that you don’t usually wear, that makes you look even sexier.

4. Shower togheter

A nice warm shower together, especially in the winter, can be very sexy. Go into the bathroom, light some candles, close the lights, turn on the shower, and find the perfect water temperature. The rest is fantasy!

5. Share fantasies

Not only is curiosity sexy, it also has the power to shift your relationship. Don’t hide the dirty details, both be honest and wild.

Don’t forget to feel beautiful, be spontaneous, uninhibited and sexy, and focus on each other!