Art Deco Engagement Rings

„Only her eyes will sparkle more” this is the phrase that every woman wants to hear after receiving an engagement ring. And that is a hard job regarding that her eyes will sparkle of happiness.

I talked in a prior article about antique engagement rings. Today I want to offer you more information about my personal favorite, Art Deco engagement ring.

Simpler but bolder, dazzling and extravagant colors, this is how i would describe Art Deco Rings. Art Deco style jewelry can be described as streamlined, angular, geometric shaped.

The most popular shapes are squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons and zigzag. In the 1920’s the economy was blooming which allowed jewelry designers to use diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. These very expensive stones were chosen due to their coloring, bright and bold colors were a huge trend during the Art Deco era. Art Deco style does favor diamonds although this is the dominant gemstone in many jewelry pieces.

Art Deco engagement rings are defined by high contrast style and radiating confidence. Both elegance and vintage glamour represent successfully this style that combines originality, modernity and functionality. The roots of Art Deco are in Paris in the mid 1920’s, from where it expanded worldwide.

Let’s not forget that Art Deco is taken by a retro’ or antique engagement ring style. So it is quite possible to get a veritable antique engagement ring. Not that all of them are antique, most of the pieces found on the market nowadays can be replicas from an original or a new and unique design that is inspired by Art Deco style.

If you want to propose to your lady, you have to think about her personality and style. It’s the crucial step in selecting an engagement ring. It has to be a match made in heaven. The variety of models and styles only show that an Art Deco engagement ring is not perfect for every woman.

Mainly the woman’s personality is the key element that determines if an Art Deco Engagement Rings is the right one for her. The bold designs and contrasts will be perfectly combined with an outgoing, confident and original person. She knows she’s great, in the center of attention, unique and authentic.

Before you go to the store, keep in mind that within this style you will find a wide range of models, you just have to find the one that fits best your lady, that complements her style and personality.

The Art Deco ring, a rare and unique style, is simply an extension of your attitude and personality.

The most common shapes of Art Deco engagement rings are Princess (square), Emerald (rectangle) and Baguette (long rectangle).

Ceylon Sapphire Engagement Ring – $5,590.00

Ceylon Sapphire Art Deco Engagement Ring

Yellow – $5.000

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