Best Purple Shampoo – Does it Really Work?

Mena SuvariHair, at least for women, is something that must look perfect every day, at any hour. It’s a daily struggle and we’ve all tried many, many brands of shampoo and spent a lot of money to keep our hair nice, shinny and blonde.

Regular shampoo is generally used, but the best way of looking after your blonde or gray hair, whether it is colored or is naturally blonde, is to use products that are especially made for that color, like purple shampoo is. Purple shampoo is one good option and is definitely something that you should take in consideration.


What is Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is used to neutralize colors like orange, yellow, or green in blonde hair and to refresh the hair to a brighter, more beautiful color. The general theory is that opposing colors on the color wheel neutralize each other out.

Color Wheel

As you can see in the color wheel above, purple and yellow are on opposite sides of each other. This means they are complimentary colors. Therefore, the purple color in a purple shampoo will effectively neutralize all the yellow tones in your hair.

Purple shampoo should not be used every day, since it can actually cause very light hair to turn purple. Instead, most professionals recommend using it about once each week.

Keep in mind, however, that this shampoo is NOT a cleansing shampoo. It is best used on clean hair, so I recommend you use it after you wash your hair with your regular shampoo and then follow it up with some hydrating conditioner.

Does Purple Shampoo Work?

Yes, the purple shampoo does work for toning of brassiness or gold tones. It is really made for minimal brassiness or for upkeep of blonde to prevent yellow over time. If your hair is really brassy, you may not see alot of improvement.

The best purple shampoos that have given good results are:

  • L’oreal Purple Shampoo
  • Joico Purple Shampoo
  • Matrix Purple Shampoo
  • Clairol Purple Shampoo
  • Lee Stafford Purple Shampoo

Can you use purple shampoo on black or brown hair?

It will definitely have no effect for black and brown hair. You should try a color care shampoo formulated for your particular hair color.

Purple shampoo is recommended only for natural, highlighted or color-treated blondes, as well for women with gray or white hair. Men with silver or gray hair can use it too.


  • I have naturally dark brown hair, but recently died mine black.
    Big mistake considering I’m always changing the color. But when I tried to go caramel, the hair stylist said I can’t without damaging my hair and suggested I use purple shampoo everyday for one month. Then bleach it before dying it. Is this safe? Does it work?

    • I would do it in stages, that’s what I did. I went from a very dark brown/black to very light blonde. My hair is in good condition as I didnt bleach it, if I was you I would go from brown to blonde in stages and use purple shampoo ONCE!!!!! a week, if you use it more than once your hair once blonde can go some funny colours according to my hairdresser. Hope this helps,x

  • I have been told about this shampoo because I can no longer have hair dyes on my head due to a vey bad reaction , I have like gold blond in my hair but all my grey is starting to come threw really bad, will this shampoo get rid of my grey or just make it look better , also do u have to do a tester on yourself before using this product thankyou

  • Should you used the purple shampoo as a preventative before you see brassiness or wait until you start seeing the brass to use? Also, how often should you use it? Once a week?

    Thank You!