CES 2016 – The Ultimate Gadgets

CES Las Vegas 2016, which takes place every year in January, is the grandest event of technological world and is also an opportune tradeshow for major manufacturers to exhibit their spectacular gadgets. CES is where poetry combines with science, CES is when you think teleporting is an ancient word.

Guys and ladies, let’s imagine you’ve got a whole day just for yourself. No life partner, no kids, just You and the ultimate gadgets for a man’s/woman’s day off. How that sounds? A whole day to indulge in all your favourite hobbies. I propose not to waste any more time and have a taste of what CES has prepared for you this year:

1. Smart ski airbag vest

The airbag vest addresses to ski enthusiasts and cushions even the most serious falls on the slopes. Sensors fitted in the skier’s movements vest analyze to determine when he loses its balance and automatically trigger an airbag in less than 100 milliseconds. Moreover, this smart vest keeps the data gathered during the descent slope and the user can examine it in order to improve his skiing technique.

2. Flexible display from LG

LG presented an 18-inch OLED display, just one millimeter thin you can roll up like a newspaper. On this display videos can operate while being rolled. Now, the Korean conglomerate can only produce 18-inch screens, with these properties. But LG expects a future where any large display may be rolled for easy transportation. The company’s objective for the coming years is to start production of TVs with diagonal big screen that can be rolled.

3. HTC Vive Pre

The newest virtual reality headset from HTC brings new the camera that records in front of the user, so he can see the real world while walking through the virtual one whose design is really impressive.

4. Scio food scanner

If you’re curious how many carbohydrates or calories has the food in your plate, little SCIO will give you all the nutritional information of any product you intend to consume. With a Bluetooth system that connects to the smartphone, this device immediately scans the chemical composition of any organic product. Scio will reach the global market this year.

And so much more!