Directions On Using Nioxin Cleanser

I have never used Nioxin products, but I understood that this brand is the market leader in U.S. in professional products industry for treating thinning hair. From what I read, Nioxin makes several different types of shampoo, which the company calls Nioxin Cleanser. No matter if your hair is fine, medium or coarse, chemically treated or just thin-looking, Nioxin offers a different shampoo for every issue. Nioxin Cleanser may be purchased alone or in a three-piece package with conditioner (Scalp Therapy) and a leave-in supplement (Scalp Treatment). Every three-part package is known as a “System.” There are 8 different systems for different hair types:Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo

  • System 1 is for normal to thin-looking, fine, natural hair;
  • System 2 is for noticeably thinning, fine, natural hair;
  • System 3 is for normal to thin-looking, fine, chemically treated hair;
  • System 4 is for noticeably thinning, fine, chemically-treated hair;
  • System 5 is for normal to thin-looking, medium to coarse, natural or chemically-treated hair;
  • System 6 is for noticeably thinning, medium to coarse, natural or chemically-treated hair.

Regardless of what system you choose, Nioxin cleanser is used the same. First you have to wet your hair and apply the Nioxin Cleanser, distributing it evenly without massaging it into your scalp. Lather for 1 minute, then rinse out with warm water. According the Nioxin website, you don’t even need to shampoo a second time to get optimal results. That’s cool.

If you bought the hole package, after shampoing with Nioxin Cleanser move on to Nioxin Scalp Therapy and Nioxin Scalp Treatment. The latter is a leave-in conditioner and should be used after you towel-dry your hair. Apply a small amount on your hair and distribute it evenly working the product through from the roots to the ends of the hair shafts.

Let’s see a demonstration on how to use Nioxin Cleanser: