Fish Diets – What Do Blobfish Eat?

The blobfish, or Psychrolutes marcidus, is a deep sea fish (I mean way, way deep like 2,000-3,000 feet below the surface) which looks like a gelatinous globule floating near the sea bed. It sometimes appears to have a human-like face with eyes, lips and a huge nose. When taken out of the water, it dries out and its human-like appearance fades away.


Blobfish have been labeled as “lazy” because they mostly stay in place and make very little effort. So blobfish consume very little energy, which means they don’t need to eat as often as other fish do. They also have little muscle, which is the reason why they aren’t active and wait patiently for the food to come to them.

The Blobfish’s diet consists mostly of slow moving organisms such as:

  • crabs
  • mollusks
  • urchins
  • snails
  • worms
  • crustaceans
  • shellfish
  • basically anything that swims in front of it…