Funny Superstitions

superstitionsPopular beliefs are great. It’s how the human mind works, if something happens it absolutely needs an answer and that’s how superstitions are born. Most of them, not to say all, are quite funny if you break them down to facts. I do agree however that if you indeed believe in superstitions it’s very likely that the events portrayed in the phrases are likely to occur. But it’s your own doing 😉 just like that saying : “if you said it, don’t write it; if you wrote it, don’t sign it; if you signed it, don’t be surprised!”

Getting back to our funny superstitions:

Friday 13th – the most dreaded days of the calendar, because beware, bad things happen to you on Fridays 13th. This is just movies and marketing becoming a psychological fixed point. Sh*t happens to you on other days too, but if it’s a Friday 13th you’re cool with it, it was expected :))) “honey, what happened?!”, “nothing much, got hit by a car, but you know, it’s Friday 13th so it’s OK” :))) The number 13 on the other is “lucky 13” or “bad luck 13” depending on good/bad context. People have the tendency to cover all possibilities just not to lose face, like the following example:

Sunny/rainy wedding weather – if the sun shines on your wedding day, the marriage will be great in all aspects! Meanwhile rain on the wedding day symbolizes wealth, both spiritual and material. So yeah, some superstition, no matter what happens, the marriage will be juuuuust great. It’s logical to have positive beliefs when it comes to important events in one’s life 🙂 What would you say to adding a question on the divorce forms, “what was the weather like on your wedding day?” 😀

Breaking a mirror – seven years bad luck! That’s awful! But where’s the logic people??? We break lots of things in the house and don’t make a fuss about. Why should mirrors be any different? Reflective surface? Can you see yourself in your phone display when it’s idle? Did you ever break a phone’s display? Chances are you did and some of you more than once. 3 phones busted -> 21 years of bad luck, you’re life is ruined 😛 It’s not bad luck, it’s just dangerous to clean up. This is the explanation for me: think it’s bad luck and avoid breaking mirrors, that way no one gets cut.

Rabbit’s foot – for luck, of course. I’m not a fan of wearing pieces of dead animals, but let’s say you don’t have something against it. Why is the rabbit lucky? In the end, the dude was caught, killed, and got his foot cut off. Doesn’t sound that lucky to me. Now Bugs Bunny is a lucky wabbit but I can’t think of anyone who would chop off his leg, he’s too smart, funny and wovable 😀

Beginner’s luck – ever had something you we’re really good at and your girlfriend came out of the blue to beat you at it? Yeah, that was pure luck! A phrase which soothes all the sore losers of any game/competition. Another psychological fixed point. If you try something for the first time in your life and suck at it, people will not be surprised. If you do unexpectedly well, you we’re just lucky. It’s annoying, takes all the credit away from you. What you need to do is repeat the results on a second run to prove the lack of chance, so good luck with that! 😀

Knocking on wood – the phrase keeps the bad luck at bay, after doing or saying something to tempt fate. It’s normal the require a relief of stress. I did or said something which might have bad consequences, but it won’t, knock on wood. And you feel better, positive thinking 🙂 And wood is very easy to knock on, being very so present around us, where ever we go. I think the phrase is so well embedded in the human subconscious that in the future, when wood will no longer be used as building material and houses will hold no item made of wood, the phrase will be the same and people will realize it’s foolishness, saying knock on wood in a no-wood environment. Or maybe it will adapt and change into “knock on solidified-recycled-organic-matter” 😀 No matter (see what I did there? 😉 ) the material, knocking on it makes you feel better because your brains tells you to.

The list of superstitions is very long and funny. I’ll stop here for now and continue some other time.

In the meanwhile, if you have certain superstitions you’d like us to write about, please list them in our comment section below 🙂