How to Get Bleach Blonde Hair Without Bleach

MTR4199lgOur physical aspect is the first impact we have on others. We all have situations and events when we want to “look our best”. Aside from what everyone else sees, the way you look also has an importance for yourself. You have to feel good about you as a person and your exterior can help you feel secure, build up self-esteem and generate confidence in ones-self.

So my advice is to think really well about going blonde. Are you absolutely sure you’ll be able to live with your blonde self harmoniously? Go on-line or use one of those funny phone apps to edit one of your pictures and see what you would look like blonde. Specialty sites or a friend with great Photoshop skills can even change your hairstyle, not just its color. Talk to your friends, find out what they have to say about your idea. You don’t want to regret going blonde after you see the end result when you know the best solution is to cut your hair. You definitely won’t feel good about that, even depression is a possibility. Think it through!

If you decided you want to go along with changing your hair color into light blonde you have different options. Professional hair dye seems like the obvious choice but you’ll never get the color on the box if you don’t bleach in advance. We all know bleach isn’t good for your hair so if you want to avoid it and still get a great blonde color, there’s a simple, more natural approach.

The secret is lemon juice. Fill a plastic spray bottle with water and lemon juice (fresh or bottled, it doesn’t matter) and shake to mix them. Apply the mix to wet hair (to all of it or just where you want to have highlights or whatever original hairstyle you have in mind) and then blow dry on high heat. You should repeat this action every 2 or 3 days. You should spot a difference in color in about a week. This process will lighten your hair gradually and you can stop when you feel you have the right shade. Of course, it can even take a month or two to get to really light blonde but remember, it damages your hair very little and it is the least expensive option you have. And the great advantage is you can stop if you don’t like it just after becoming a little lighter. The damage to your hair doesn’t compare to what bleach is capable but lemon juice is an acid and it will dry your hair. So during the “dying” period be sure to keep your hair healthy with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. You should avoid getting lemon juice in your eyes, it stings 😀 and be patient about the process.

You may also come across all kinds of recipes with various ingredients which might work but I’m a little skeptical. The chemical complexity of them (I’ve even seen baking soda added in the mix) is far greater than water and lemon juice and I’m pretty sure the people who discovered them aren’t all Chemistry majors. It’s just like with experimental pills – side-effects unknown 😀

In the end, the choice is yours 🙂