Getting to Work – A Crowded Journey

Getting to work is a must for those of us who have a not-at-home job (hating a lot of IT people now :P). This shouldn’t be a problem but it is when you have hundreds or thousands of people using the same means of transportation like you with exactly the same purpose at the exact same time as you. It’s never pleasant to be on a crowded bus, train, subway train or road (when in your personal car). You can lose your temper, get robbed or touched by some random fella in some random place (not even getting a “mi scuzi” for it). An experience like this can ruin your whole day. It’s utterly dreadful.

The only thing which helps me is knowing that things are worse in other places like : Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Moscow, Shanghai, New York, Mexico City or Hong Kong. I’m sorry for those who live in these places or in a similarly huge metropolis, this won’t work for you. But for the rest, think of these situations whenever you feel discomfort on your way to work, maybe it will help keep you sane through the ordeal because the following pictures are simply crazy!

For people who find their subway unbearable, take a look at Tokyo’s!


Buses can get crowded no matter where but people’s mentality and culture are different. In Delhi they really really want to go to school! Would you go that far or would this even be allowed in other countries?

India also gives the already famous most crowded train ride ever! I’m sure everybody knows this one but it’s still a shocker each and every time you see it. Does your train ever get at least half this crowded? I’m sure it doesn’t. It’s fatally dangerous. On the other side I wonder if they actually bother with printing tickets…

People using their personal car to get to work have a great advantage – comfort – but it comes with a price, owning a vehicle. And it doesn’t absolve you from being stuck in traffic. I’d say a traffic jam isn’t as resentful as any of the above but I agree that it can drain your nerves just as good. If stuck on the road for minutes or even a few hours, think about Beijing, China. Cars were blocked for a mere 12 days, stretched over 60 miles! It’s incredible, traffic jammed for 12 days. Without toilets, food, water and money things got really gruesome. I prefer not to go into details and I advise you not to look into it.

I recommend asking your boss once a week if you could work from home. After a few months he might actually take you serious and who knows, maybe it will happen. I wish you the best of luck!

Until then, feel ya on the subway/bus/train 😉