Gift Ideas for Platonic Male Friends

Gifts For Platonic Male FriendsIt’s no secret that people have trouble finding gifts for the opposite sex, there’s always a part of you that thinks that you might be over thinking it. I will make it easier for you, there are gifts depending on your level of friendship.

Friendship Scale

Acquaintances: People you meet occasionally and briefly but on a first-name basis with and have only said ‘hi’ or had idle conversation with.
Buddies: People you hang out with socially but don’t really have any serious conversations with, work buddies and school friends fall into this category.
Friends: People who you are on good terms with but know a little more about you and could be people you’ve hung out with a period of times and then randomly stopped hanging out on and off. There are different levels of being friends.
Good Friends: These people know you more and you have had serious discussions with and have had serious situations with this person whether it be good or bad. Good friends usually are only a handful of people in your life and you consider them part of your inner circle.
Best Friends: The best of the best, they know everything about your life and they are people you hang out with and basically know everything about. Even fewer people should be in this circle probably only one or two.

So depending on how close you are to the male friend you should think on buying either common gifts (for eg. a book, a simple t-shirt, a perfume) or something more interesting.

Fortunately, guys are relatively simple creatures with a short attention span towards anything but if you really want a useful gift then buy tools. Not all guys are good with tools but they all like knowing they have the equipment on hand if a problem arises. Great tools would be a Multi-Tool or a Swiss Army Knife or if he likes working with his hands then scale it towards something bigger.

Like I said before men are really simple creatures, any type of tool to keep them busy is a good enough gift. Needless to say a guy’s got to eat so if you’re a good cook then start a party and whip up a feast otherwise dinner or lunch at their favorite place, courtesy of you.

Yet the supreme gift for your brother/husband/son/dad/uncle/friend/even boyfriend is the latest technology. He needs to be empowered in our increasingly connected world. And he needs you to buy it for him.

This is just a general guide trying to cover what to give to male friends in general but the best advice I can give is to find out what interests the individual and work your way from there. Almost any gift is good as long as it shows that you put some thought in it. And above all, have fun!

Thank you!