How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Buying the perfect engagement ring can be a memorable experience for many who decide to offer the best declaration of love. However, with essential information about the jewelry you wish to offer alongside your enthusiasm linked to the time when you will pop the question, you get to expose your talent to create precious moments.

Hands of Newly Engaged Couple - How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Precious Detalis

Get familiar with the terms that you will face when buying the engagement ring. The most important details you need to know are related to design, measure and of course, color.


The ideal measure for an engagement ring can be found by borrowing one of your loved one’s favorite rings and having checked its size by a jeweler. However, you must ensure that the ring chosen for measurement is usually worn by your lady on the right finger.
Moreover, you must have in mind that a ring encrusted with stones on the sides can not be modified in case of mismatch.

Young Woman Wearing Engagement Ring - How to Choose an Engagement Ring


Design is a very important aspect in choosing engagement rings. Main stone size must be adapted to the length and circumference of your lady’s finger.
A stone that is too large will give a disproportionate aspect in the case of thin fingers. Likewise, a very fine ring will not fit a finger with a larger circumference.

Design - How to Choose an Engagement Ring


Choose the color of the engagement ring according to your sweetheart’s preferences in terms of jewelry. If she usually wears accessories made of white gold, her engagement ring should be made in the same shade – to avoid creating an undesirable contrast.
Engagement rings crafted in unusual colors such as pink, black or chocolate (brown) gold suit those who want a nonconformit look that stands out easily in range of classic patterns.

Diamond Ring in a Rose - How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Keep It a Secret

Once you have decide on the ring, you must be careful that it will not be found until the right time comes, so make sure it is well hidden.
A final step is to ensure that the moment when you propose will be a memorable one, in a romantic atmosphere full of feelings of happiness and emotion.
The ring is the symbol of love, and the form of the circle represents infinite and eternal love towards the one who receives it.

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I propose a toast to those
All the ones we love the most!

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  • Engagement rings and wedding diamond rings are very important as the traditions, the girl is required to wear the ring until the day she gets married. When purchasing such a ring, make sure the ring is trendy, unique and comfortable to wear.