How To Find A Good Lawyer To Represent You

Court - How To Find A Good LawyerHave you ever needed a lawyer but didn’t know where to start looking? Well, today I would like to talk to you about five simple steps you could use to find the right lawyer for your case, this are the same steps I would use if I was looking for a lawyer.

Even if you have a referral, use this five steps:

  1. Go to the lawyers websites, they should always have one, and check out the verdict and settlements section. you want to look for a track record of success and you want to look for verdicts on some other similar cases of what you have. You should know that in the US and other countries this sections is one of the most heavily regulated sections of any websites belonging to a law practicing office, the government the Bar checks this section to make sure that this results are accurate and is the number one place to go on any similar websites.
  2. You want to look for a lawyer that is board certified.
    Some states in the US have different certification procedures but all countries have something similar to a Board certification, so if you need to choose a lawyer look for one with a National Board Certification. This certification is something similar to a doctors license to operate on people and prescribe medication.
  3. You want to go to one of the objective layer rating websites. This kind of sites should be availble in every country and they are usually regulated by the lawyers community. In the US this websites are:
    • – websites with a lawyer directory and a Q&A section;
    • – you can search your for a lawyer in your state;
    • – directory based lawyers information website.

    And you want to make sure that the lawyers peers have said: “Yes, this is a lawyer that you ought to consider for your case”.Making a decision without checking this websites, if you are in the United States, or similar websites if you are in other countries, is missing a great step, that could mean an unfavorable verdict.

  4. Next thing you should know is that many lawyers with good track records of succesful results for their clients have authored books for consumers, they have been interviewed on TV and radio about their processes. So whether you are looking for a divorce attorney, a DUI attorney, a personal injury attorney you should always ask the lawyer if they can send you their book, their DVDs or CDs, so that you can learn more about their techniques, their philosophies and their theories.
  5. An other tip you should use is youtube. You need to go to, search for that lawyer to see if they have video on, where they were filmed, if they have a bad attitude in court, if they are involved in scandals, or their general attitude.