The Necessary Steps in Finding the Best Mobile Phone Deal

It’s easy to get carried away with millions of phone deals available today, it can be very confusing working out which offers you the best value for the money you pay. That is why most of us end up paying way too much for services we don’t really need or even use.  So, if you want to change your mobile phone, or moving to a new provider, it’s worth taking this simple steps and ask yourself a few questions about your mobile phone needs. With all the providers and the fierce competition with one another, they all have great offers,  it’s just a matter of how well they satisfy your needs.

So, ask yourself this questions:

Are you texting people a lot?

Many of the monthly subscription to mobile phone packages include in excess of 1000 SMS/text per month – you have to ask yourself this question: Do I really need so many SMS, can I really use them? If the answer is no, then it means you are wasting a part of your service when you could gain something else by replacing that feature.
The next step is thinking with what did you replace your texting, and the usual answer is with facebook status post, with tweets and other internet messaging services. So unless, you are an avid texter and send around 30 sms per day, it’s best to renegotiate this option and ask your provider to replace your text messages quota with added download data. The same principle applies to voice calls, if you study your bill you should clearly see what you need most between: internet, voice calls and texting.

Do you know that benefits of having friends or family lists?

Some providers offer free calls for your selected contact list, so if you have a best friend that you talk alot with or family members that you keep in touch, then asking for this option can be a real cost-saver, not to mention the added benefit of being able to chat with your favorite aunt or best friend for hours.

But, you have to think clearly here, because, if your friend already got this deal and included your number or your aunt added your number in the free calls contact list, you would be wasting one of your option.

Are your friends using the same provider?

A popular strategy for mobile phone providers to encourage loyalty from their customers is to offer free calls between users on the same network.  If your significant other is with the same provider, this might be the ideal plan.

“Which mobile provider are you with?” doesn’t tend to be a question that comes up in conversation with our friends though, and if you have asked them, you’ve probably found that there is a real mix.

Getting landline and mobile together as a 2-4-1 deal – is it worth it?

So many of us have now neglected to bother with a landline number.  Mobiles follow you when you move without unnecessary admin, with the mobile phone to hand wherever you are, what’s the point in having a landline, everyone calls the mobile anyway?

If this sounds familiar, then a deal that offers you a great rate on a landline installation isn’t going to cut any mustard with you.  However, it’s worth considering properly whether you would make use of a landline number, as these deals can be very attractive.  As a rule of thumb, if you’ve done fine without a landline for 6 months or more, you’re not going to use one much when you have one.

Do you need your mobile for business?

If you have a genuine need to use a phone for business, and you have some business credentials (such as a registered company, or registration as a sole trader) then you need to talk to a completely different set of customer service advisors at the mobile operators.

Business users get treated differently, they generally get treated very well!  A whole new set of mobile packages will be offered to you, often incorporating broadband (which may or may not be of use to you) and preferential deals for multiple users registered to one business address.

Phone upgrades are often very attractive too, with the latest hi-tech smartphones made available on reasonable upgrade plans.  Another bonus is putting your mobile phone expenses through your company accounts; depending on your incomings/outgoings you could make some big tax savings.

Have you read the small print about the “unlimited data” package?

So many people have been caught out with this, no matter how savvy you are, it’s worth putting some extra effort into establishing exactly how much data you can download each month – you won’t get a warning on your phone when you exceed it.

A good customer services representative should be able to answer your queries clearly, but if (like most of us) you want to make the best use of the fantastic apps and anytime, everywhere web access your new phone brings you, do check your limit before you hit the app store.

Do you really need those features?

Every month brings news of a fantastic new phone on the market.  One minute you’re perfectly happy with your mobile which you’ve customised and stored your favourite games, photos and music on – then a new advert catches your eye, or a friend is boasting about the functionality of their new toy and you feel that you simply must have one too.

Take a deep breath. Talk to yourself in the voice of your mum when you asked for the pair of trainers “that everyone at school has got” and think – do you really, really need this particular phone?

Being attracted by a massive music storage space is fine, but if you’ve already got an iPod or MP3 player, would you use it?  So what if a new mobile allows you to create Powerpoint presentations, in what reality are you ever going to do that?

OK. we don’t want to talk you out of upgrading your phone, but please don’t be so tempted by the shiny new object on the horizon that you rush into the first deal you see…