How to Tackle High Blood Pressure

How to Tackle High Blood PressureDo you have high blood pressure? If yes, do not worry, here are a few easy tips you can use to improve your health.

1. Exercise regularly

This is one of the best ways to control high blood pressure. According to the health experts, if you exercise at least 1 hour daily, your blood pressure will be lowered by 4 mmHg. In fact, you do not have to wait for several moths to see the improvement. Regularly exercising for a few weeks will make you feel the change.

Note: In case you cannot do much exercise, walking daily for 20 minutes will also improve your health.

It is advisable to talk to the doctor before starting your regular workout. Remember there might be certain exercise restrictions for you. The doctors will asses your health and advise the right type of exercises.

Note: do not only workout on the weekends. Many people have the habit of exercising excessively in the weekends to compensate for the daily week. Remember doing this will affect your health in a negative way.

2. Lower the intake of sodium in the diet

Remember this is one of the most effective ways to improve your health. Just by reducing a small quantity of sodium, you can lower the blood pressure up to 8mm Hg.

Follow these tips to reduce the sodium in the diet:

  • Maintain a food diary stating the total sodium amount you have everyday.
  • Do not eat fried chips and bacon. Avoid any kind of processed food, as they are high in sodium.
  • Use more of herbs and less of salt in your meals. Remember 1 spoon of salt contains a large quantity of sodium.
  • Read the label on the packaged food before buying them. Avoid foods with high sodium.

Note: sudden reduction of sodium from the diet can be difficult. Thus, try to reduce it gradually.

  • Do you know potassium is the perfect counter balance of sodium? So include more fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in potassium. You can also take potassium supplements. Just consult the doctor first before taking them.

Following a diet regularly can be difficult. Thus, occasionally you can always indulge in your favourite delicacies.  It will make you happy and most importantly satisfied.

Tip: Often going for shopping compels us to buy processed ad packaged food. Do not give yourself to such temptations. If possible make a shopping list and just buy those things. Do not go to the counter of processed and packaged foods.

 3. Caffeine intake

Many health experts believe caffeine to shoot up the blood pressure. Well, this point is still debatable. It is advisable that you check if caffeine consumption affects your blood pressure or not. Just drink coffee and check your blood pressure after sometime. If there is an increase, it means caffeine affects you.

4. Smoking

Do you know smoking is a significant cause of high blood pressure? So if you are a smoker, avoid smoking. In addition, also avoid inhaling second hand smoke or what is popularly known as passive smoke.