Know Your Beer Limit

beer limitBeer is the most loved beverage around the world. Hundreds of million of people enjoy it. The taste, flavor, bubbles and freshness are all good reasons to love your beer. But do you know your beer limit? Where do you need to stop to keep that buzz alive and not slip in the zone where you won’t remember what happens?

There are people who can hold their liquor and others who seem to can’t. Other than innate abilities (super liver or 4 kidneys :O) there are some factors which influence your drunkenness:

  • weightconsidering the same alcohol quantity, a lighter person will normally be drunker than a heavier one. This happens on average, situations where big fellas get absolutely hammered after one beer are not impossible. Slim,beer-drinking fans beware, the beer-belly isn’t a myth and I don’t know if there’s a point to getting fat in order to drink more 😉
  • age – again, considering the same amount of alcohol, a younger person will be less drunk than the older one. Youth is a huge advantage, the body works better than at old age but don’t overdo it, you might damage it too soon. Respect your youth.
  • food – drinking on an empty or nearly empty stomach will get you drunk faster. If you normally take 2 beers without having any problem, if you haven’t eaten according to habit, the scenario might be different after the same 2 beers. Eat well before a frat party! 😀
  • time – our bodies metabolize per hour a little less alcohol than the level met in an average beer. If you gobble down 3 beers in 1 hour you highly increase your chances of drunken-tude. So patience young-one, it’s not a contest! (unless of course it is, and you’re taking part in some drinking game :P)
  • practice – just like you can develop a certain immunity to some pills you take on a regular basis, it’s the same thing with beer. Being a social drinker and having 1-2 beers on the nights you go out will lead you to being OK after 1-2 beers. If you increase the amount of beer, the effect will most likely be getting drunk. But be careful, don’t turn it into a bad habit, alcoholism is undesirable.
  • friends – the people you hang out and drink with are very important. They will usually push you to get “another one” and leave your “safe zone”. Remember (if you still can :P) that they can’t force you to drink if you don’t want to. It’s your choice, make it wisely. Learn to say no if needed.

Taking into account everything, what would you say your beer limit is?

Mine’s 2 (lame, I know :D)

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