Do People Eat Blobfish?

Do People Eat BlobfishThe Blobfish is one of the most unique fish and was voted the “World’s Ugliest Animal” in September 2013.  It is primarily found at the depths of the sea (way deep like 2,000-3,000 feet below the surface) in the Australian Ocean and is typically shorter than 12 inches.

The Blobfish is on a massive decline in numbers and is currently on the edge of extinction because of accidental overfishing by fishermen who were attempting to catch lobsters and crabs.

Due to its rarity, very little is known about the blobfish. Scientists rarely studied this fish, and it’s only presumed that the blobfish eat plants and mass that it can catch within its range.

It is assumed that it’s made up primarily of a muscle free gelatine style mass that allows it to best the deepest and most powerful pressures of the sea.

People Reaction

  • “it’s so ugly no one can bear to eat it”
  • “can you eat blobfishes? because there rare and look tastey”
  • “According to Animal Planet it is inedible.”
  • “you can eat almost anything if you cook it right…”
  • “bahahha, those are so ugly. I’ll starve or become a cannibal first.”

So … no. You can’t eat a blobfish and you can’t argue with Animal Planet.

I wonder, would  you try to eat a blobfish if you had the chance?