Signs That Someone Is Smoking Weed

Signs That Someone Is Smoking WeedWeed is… youth #1 favorite drug because it has low toxicity and did not kill anyone, BUT it is wrong to say that is completely harmless, or to say that is the reincarnation of God.

Smoking tobacco is unhealthy, and smoking weed is no exception. Weed smoke is more toxic than the one from tobacco, usually weed smokers inhale deep into the lungs a larger amount of smoke, and generally speaking a joint is 4 times more harmful to the throat and lungs than tobacco, BUT again people smoke much less cigarettes than joints, and at much longer time intervals.
Recent studies have shown that it’s worst when you combine weed and tobacco. If you are a hardcore smoker of weed mixed with tobacco (more than 10 joints per day) significantly increases your chance of getting lung cancer. If you’re not a hardcore smoker, good for you!

So, How Do You Recognize a Person Who Just Smoked Weed?

If there is suspicion for drug addiction, there are several signs that can diagnose constant consumption and weed addiction.

In general, consumers of weed show the following signs:

  • Dilated pupils and bloodshot eye – usually the young will try to hide this by wearing sunglasses or use eye drops;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Dizziness or endless rounds of laughter, for no apparent reason;
  • Apathetic presence;
  • Excessive appetite – they can fix a whole fridge and they’re still hungry;
  • Social isolation;
  • Deterioration or reduce of short-term memory and comprehension;
  • Altered temporal dimension;
  • Reduced ability to perform tasks requiring concentration and coordination, such as driving a car;
  • Depression and frequent indisposition;
  • Psychosis, delirium, uncontrollable anxiety – requires medical attention.

If someone has smoked weed they can have in their pockets or in their room the following: cigarettes, cigarette paper, pipes, lighters etc.; they are sleepy and limp, their pupils are enlarged and their eyes are veeery red, laugh without aparent reason, have an unsteady gait, they feel dizzy, always hungry and eat more sweets, they are thirsty all the time, and don’t remember what just happened, have a distinct odor or burning leaves.

Regarding the teens, it is very important not to jump into conclusions based on one or two signs. Adolescence is a time of physical, social, emotional and intellectual change. This can lead to strange, changing behavior and mood swings.

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