Sleeping Positions – Meaning and Healthiness

In theory we should sleep 8 hours a night. Considering an 80 years life span, you’d spend some 26 years sleeping! 😮 Adjust the result to your own sleeping hours but I guarantee you won’t go under 10 years of sleep. So given the fact that we spend so much time in bed (sleeping 😉 ), it’s very important HOW you sleep.  Sleeping positions are full of meaning and can be better or worse for your health and they can also say a thing or two about who you are.

sleeping positions Fetal position – although it is comfortable to sleep all curled up in a ball with your chin tilted down and with your knees drawn up, this position can be bad for your back and neck. But at the same time it can also be of help not to snore. Studies have shown that the majority of people sleep in this position. People who sleep this way often return to their safe zone after a hard day’s work and relieve the stress. This sleeping position usually offers a refreshing sleep and people wake-up ready to take on what the new day brings. Sleeping like a baby can also be a sign of lack of self-confidence and anxiety problems.

sleeping positionsSleeping on your back (log position) – it is considered the best position for the back and neck, your spine being supported in its natural curve. And get this ladies, sleeping on your back may also prevent facial wrinkles and skin breakouts. Keeping your arms at your side is better than holding them up, under the pillow or not, because you don’t strain muscles or nerves which could lead to pain. People who sleep like this feel good about themselves and can even be cocky and inflexible. Also, sleeping on your back gives you the tendency of snoring or even sleep apnea.

sleeping positionsSleeping on the side – this position has a lot of benefits like your spine being well supported, reducing back and neck pain and even reducing sleep apnea. But it also has disadvantages : facial wrinkles and sagging breasts due to gravity, shoulder and arm pain depending on what you do with your arms. Stretching them out in front of you while you sleep can mean that your are chasing your dreams, yearning for something. Yearners (that’s what we call them) wake up everyday ready for new and exciting challenges, but not before they are sure that those challenges are in sync with what they want from life.

sleeping positionsSleeping on your stomach – or sleeping face down, which is just a way of saying because your face will be tilted left or right, thus putting a lot of strain on your neck. It can also lead to back pain as the spinal curve isn’t supported. The only thing that’s good about this position is that it helps with digestion. People sleeping like this, also known as freefallers, tend to see life as something that happens to them, feeling they can’t control anything. They wake up still hanging on to events of yesterday, considering that they have leftover things to be done.

Think of how you slept and how rested you feel when you wake up in the morning. This should give you a better idea of what your day will be like than the horoscope. If you identify some sleeping inconveniences due to your sleeping position then you should consider changing to one better suited to your needs.

I also believe habit is factor, I for one just can’t, and I mean can’t fall asleep on my back 🙂