Smart Women Guide: False Myths about Cellulite

Smart Women Guide: False Myths about CelluliteCellulite can give a very unpleasant aspect to the skin and therefore most of us have become obsessed with it. I wish there was a magic wand and at a single touch of it, cellulite disappears completely. This affection has become such a popular subject among women. So popular that it drew after it many untrue rumors. Thus I care for my ladies, I want them to know the truth about cellulite. Here we go.

You will get rid of cellulite if:

  • You lose weight. While it is true that skin often gets orange peel look when a person has several extra pounds, it doesn’t depend entirely on the weight. When you suffer from edematous cellulite, weight loss will make it even more visible. Skinny women may also suffer from cellulite.
  • You use special creams from time to time. An old saying says that we remember we don’t have a sled when it snows outside. So it is with cellulite – we remember that we should use cellulite creams when it’s time to go to the beach. Creams can only enhance the appearance of your skin if used constantly.
  • You drink plenty of water. Is it true that drinking two liters of water a day helps drainage, but it’s not enough to get rid of cellulite. To enhance the appearance of skin affected by cellulite you need to combine a healthy diet with exercise, massage and special cremes.
  • You exercise. Actually fitness does not remove cellulite, it only increases muscle mass. Exercises on fixed groups of muscles encourages cellulite by increasing levels of waste metabolites. Therefore, people with cellulite tend to recommend exercises in water or aerobic gymnastics.
  • You take vitamin C.  Altough there is a direct link between vitamin C and combating cellulite, it is not enough. Taking vitamin C regularly will mantain optimal microcirculation, and you still need to combine it with other cellulite remedies.
  • You aggressively massage the affected area. God forbid. Massages with pinch will break microvessels. The skin will bruise and those small vessels will not drain anything. This ethic is totally wrong.

Cellulite is not just an esthetic problem, but also a warning: you have to improve your lifestyle, especially diet. Please beware of all the scams out there that will promise you firm skin without raising a finger.

Have a wonderful day!