Thank God It’s Friday

Cat - Thank God It's FridayYou hear this phrase very often and you probably use it as well. Why is it so popular? Because when spoken, unlike the other 80% of things we say, we actually mean it! Ever since the work-week was invented, Friday was blessed. I mean it’s clearly contextual, if we were to go to work from Monday to Wednesday (I’m a believer, I pray for this everyday, lend a hand, we can do it together 😀 PS: for the same wages, of course), the phrase would be “Thank God it’s Wednesday”.

Getting back to our current greatest day of the week, describing the feeling you get when you know you’re not gonna slam the alarm-clock the next morning is very hard. What would the right words be, I just don’t know; things like freedom, up-lifting, relief come to mind but one word is to shallow. I’d like to try with analogies.

For a normal person, to leave the office on Friday can be like the day someone gets out of jail. Think about it, you walk out of the office building (prison) waving sincerely to the security personnel (armed! prison guards) whilst being observed from the top-floor by your boss (the warden) and you’re free to do whatever you want! Another situation you can compare Friday to is going to the bathroom after holding it in for a long time. That right there is absolute relief, Nirvana in the making! You’re not yourself starting with Monday, you’re on office mode but come Friday your true self bursts out and enjoys what life has to offer. And you should, it’s weeeekeeeend! 😀

Fridays are also helping Mondays on being the worst day of the week. Being “casual” 😉 and thinking about your weekend plans affects your work and most of the times discussions end with “we’ll talk about it first thing on Monday”. If things pile up like this, it’s only normal to start hating Mondays. Following the same logic, workaholics must have it the other way around: “Hurray, it’s Monday!” and “Damn, Friday already?” 🙂 Just what does a workaholic do on weekends anyway? (supposing that working Saturdays and Sundays isn’t allowed)

Let us know how you feel on Fridays!  Like a boss 😎 ?

Enjoy your weekends 🙂