The Fight Against Cellulite – 7 Golden Rules

Woman Playing in the SandCellulite affects 90 % of women. It is caused by a variety of factors, among them are genetics, weight gain, circulation, hormonal issues, connective tissue and skin thickness.

Here are 7 golden rules to fight against cellulite. But I have to tell you, once you enter the race, you have to fight to the end. To be easier, and not seem a chore, you can start by copying the 7 rules on a sheet that you stick on the fridge or in a place where you can see them more often. In no time you’ll get used to them.

1. Diet

Cut fat, sweets and pastry. Eat high protein meat, veggies, many salads and fruits, eggs (boiled), nuts, fish and whole grains. They are all rich in lecithin, essential fatty acids, B vitamins and antioxidants which promote cell regeneration and strengthening.

2. Sports

You don’t have time for the gym or jogging, as for tae-bo or pilates Dvd’s .. you just wipe the dust off of them. No problemo!
Experts recommend walking, swimming, cycling and rollerblading, so nothing bad or exhausting.

3. Water

Jacuzzi, massage shower or scottish shower are recommended in the fight against cellulite. Avoid showers and baths too hot, they are bad for circulation and thus promote cellulite.

4. Drink

Drink 1.5 litres of water per day, throughout the day. This helps to eliminate toxins. Caution do not drink too much because your body would not be able to eliminate any.

5. Nourishment

If you don’t have cellulite , but you want to delay it for as long as possible try to moisturize your skin every night and morning.
Insist on the areas where cellulite usually hits and massage until you feel that the lotion has penetrated your skin, then apply another row of cream.

You are already struggling with cellulite? Look for anti-cellulite creams that contain ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides or substances that stimulate circulation.

If you prefer homemade solutions, ivy is a leader in the fight against cellulite. You can either grind the leaves and then rub your skin with it, or you can use it for pultice or indusion (maintained for 24 hours after boiling).

6. Massage

It’s not enough to remove the layer of dead cells by exfoliating to have beautiful skin. You have to stimulate circulation and the metabolism of fat cells. Start by massaging your skin with a hot towel, then soak it in cold water and repeat. Use a loofah, bath glove or a brush, and occasionally rub the affected areas with table salt.

Practiced in moderation and caution, massage is very effective in combating cellulite. Use massage oils (anticellulite oils), emollient creams, firmness or anti-cellulite creams. Execute the moves bottom up, in the direction of the heart, never vice versa.

7. Dietary Supplements

Experts advise taking daily supplements such as glucosamine (which is found in food), multivitamins and minerals, antioxidants, B vitamins and soy lecithin.

Of course, first you have to pay a visit to your doctor.

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