The Perfect Sunglasses

The Perfect SunglassesThe ideal type of sunglasses should fit your face comfortably as well as shield your eyes from sun light adequately without obscuring your vision. It’s no surprise that sunglasses are mainly worn as a statement of style and setting trends. Lately there are people wearing more of the same style of sunglasses when the look doesn’t fit them which prompted the idea for this article. Sunglasses can both be functional as well as fashionable.

Frame, Fit, and Shape
There are many different types of frames but a majority of them are either some sort of metal or lightweight durable plastic. If you have the opportunity you should examine the frame and make sure it’s something that will withstand what you’re using it for, look at the joints and construction and make sure it’s up to your standards.

Try on them on and measure how comfortable they are as well as how they sit on your face making sure that it’s not too tight around the ears but not loose where it slides off your face. One thing online shopping doesn’t show is if peripheral light is still visible while the glasses are on, it causes glare on the inside of the lenses. For some people this may not be a big issue and there are some styles out there where this is unavoidable like for aviators.

Most people have different head shapes which can dictate the type of sunglasses you should get. Just imagine someone really skinny with baggy clothes, it’s the same idea. Even though you like a style of sunglasses doesn’t mean that they will compliment your facial features.

Lens Type
It’s important to figure out what you plan on using the sunglasses for because the type of lens should be picked accordingly. You wouldn’t want to use a glass lens while you are playing a high impact sport, you would end up going through them. Most companies use a polycarbonate which is a lightweight durable plastic that are shatter resistance. They provide UV natural protection and are pretty much useful in most cases. A recently trending lens type are photochromatic lenses which adjusts the darkness depending on how much UV radiation it’s exposed to.

Polarized or Mirrored
This is a special section dedicated to both polarized and mirrored lenses. Most companies will advertise polarized and mirrored lenses but it seems that some people may be confusing the two or just don’t understand what each are. Polarized lenses are designed with the outdoors in mind because they help reduce glare from surfaces like water. Mirrored lenses is as it sounds it’s a reflective coating on the outside of the lenses where you can view people without them seeing you. The difference between the two is that polarized lenses provide better UV protection than mirrored lenses. In general mirrored lenses are more for cosmetic purposes but there are polarized sunglasses that have a mirrored coating.

Setting aside the style aspect of buying sunglasses protection is the main thing you should be concerned about. The point of having sunglasses is their ability to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation which can cause cancer and a string of painful problems to your eyes. All sunglasses come with some sort of UV protection, just realize there is no correlation between price and UV protection. So just to put things in perspective a ten dollar UV protection sunglasses is just as reliable as a name brand one with UV protection, you’re just paying for construction and name at that point.

To sum up the key points of this article, the best things to look for in sunglasses are ultraviolet protection for your eyes to prevent cancer. Ensure that the specifications and construction of the sunglasses are up to par with your standards as well as fitting comfortably on your face. The last tip to keep in mind is to put functionality over fashion first.