Tips on How to Get Rid of Stress

stressedgirlHow do you get rid of stress? Or should I ask first “if you get rid of stress?”. Well, if you do indeed manage to relieve yourself of stress then keep doing whatever it is you’re doing (on account it’s not illegal of course 😉 ).  If not, here are some tips on how you can get rid of stress.

First of all, try to be more organized. Use anything you need, post-its, calenders, reminders or a simple piece of paper you write on your game-plan for the day or the week. Everything will be of course prioritized so try to respect the plan to the best you can. The feeling of not having enough time to finish your tasks I believe is the number 1 stress source, at least at your job. What’s even more “funny” is that when we’re stressed with deadlines our brains have the tendency of concentrating on the lack of time issue rather than focusing on getting the job done. Working late and fighting afterwards with your loved one back home doesn’t help either. This must be avoided.

Being organized isn’t the absolute solution. Having a well planned agenda has to go hand in hand with realistic appreciation of your abilities. If you have your work cut out for you but you also agree with taking on extra stuff, stress will surely follow. This is a psychologically sensitive issue, to have the strength to say “NO”. This doesn’t mean you’re a bad person and I’m not saying never offer to help someone. Learn to know when you can lend a hand and when you can’t. On the same subject, when faced with the impossibility of “doing it all”, ask for help. Somebody might happen to be available and help you out. There’s no shame in this. What’s important is to communicate and the manner in which it is done. Don’t wait for someone to notice work piling on your desk and to be asked if you need help, ask for it yourself. And in reverse if someone asks for your help and you think you can’t manage the extra load, be assertive and give a polite negative response (in other words, don’t be a jerk!).

Go for the facts. One can also get stressed on account of personal expectations and assumptions. Try to avoid getting caught up in negative emotions because things don’t turn out the way you wanted. You’re not a kid anymore, stuff happens and it’s not always that you get what you wanted. Why choose to be disappointed? Makes no sense, happiness should be the goal in life, not bitterness 😀

Don’t take things personal. Nobody’s trying to get on your nerves (unless it’s a personal vendetta). They’re just doing their job, they’re not doing anything to you. Of course, it reflects on what you have to do but it isn’t something personal. Imagine anyone else in your shoes and you’ll realize that any person would be treated the same way. Don’t make it about you, your cortisol (substance secreted by the brain and medically recognized as a stress indicator) levels will increase and the stress will persist with its presence even at home. Don’t take your work home with you, it’s never a healthy thing to do.

Music can set an useful atmosphere. Listen to your favorite soft song to relax and take things easy or have an active beat in your head to keep you active at work. Listening to music “replaces” your stress factor leaving you with something you enjoy.

Other things you can do to relieve stress on the spot are : take a short break when feeling overwhelmed and do what helps you best, meditate on a happy thought, take deep breaths, go for a short walk outside, call your loved one or a good friend and talk about positive things, clear your head, leave your stressors behind for a few moments and then return refreshed. Laughing also helps a lot. If you have colleagues or friends with healthy funny bones, get it touch with them during your short break for a quick joke and laugh it out 😀

After hours you can also opt for relaxing activities like : taking a long bath or seeing to your hobby, trying something new or getting a massage etc., whatever works for you (again, stay on the legal side :P).

Remember, stress is in your brain, it’s you who produce it. In the end nothing can actually stress you. It’s you who gets stressed over things. Try not to. I know it’s hard, on certain days I wish there was a punching-bag at work but I think it would probably be very crowded around it and you’d have to wait your turn :))))