Does Weather Make You SAD?

Does Weather Make You SAD?Whether you know it or not, weather influences each and everyone of us. The intensity varies form one individual to another but the factor is definitely there. Why do you smile on a sunny day and are gloomy when it pours? It’s natural for warm-blooded animals to enjoy warmth from sunlight and dislike the cold from rainy weather.

In the contemporary fast-forward era our jobs require us on a daily basis for five days a week on average. And you have to go regardless of the weather outside. Being always in a hurry you just notice if it’s a beautiful time out there or not but you never think about adapting it. For instance, studies have shown that high humidity decreases concentration and makes you sleepy. Add high temperature to the mix and you’ll get cranky and aggressive. Sunny weather has a positive influence on your mood, it’s relaxing, making you more creative. But you don’t usually care because you have a job to do! so when you ask yourself “why I am like this today?” just look out the window, the answer is probably right in front of you and you’re just to busy to understand it. Try to anticipate yourself, if it’s hot avoid things that may get you angry, if it’s cloudy stay in a well-lit environment. Take 5 minutes breaks each 1-2 hours to get some air and stretch your legs.

Humboldt University of Berlin, based on a study of 1233 participants, reached an interesting conclusion. Exterior factors can indeed have a negative influence on you but if your mood to start with is good and positive, it’s most likely that you won’t get affected. For example, the day you become a parent you’re just over the moon, nor rain nor snow nor wind nor nothing will stop you from being happy. The average, common, ordinary days are the problem! But this is still a good way to counter bad weather, be positive at all times. I know it’s hard, after 4-5 days of relentless rain you can get rather moody although you were let’s say OK the first 3. You just have to find something to be happy about.

Each person is different so there surely are some who love summer and other who prefer winter. Some are merely touched by weather factors, others experience intense feelings depending on the color of the sky. If you find yourself in the latter category, be careful because weather just might make you SAD.

Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD for short, is a type of depression which may occur with people who have a strong mood-weather link. It can manifest itself during teen years or adulthood and like other forms of depression, it occurs more often in women than in men. If you live in a place with long winter nights and general cold climate you’re at a higher risk of SAD but there are cases with summer nights causing the same disorder. Symptoms are usually the same as with other forms of depression: hopelessness, loss of interest in work and other activities, social withdraw, sluggish movements, unhappiness and irritability (damn, sounds like me on a freakin’ Monday :))) ). It’s a serious matter though, as SAD can evolve into a long-term depression. You need to take action before that happens.

“No matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”