Weird Phobias – What Are You Afraid Of?

scaryExperiencing fear is normal for all of us. But stimuli differ from person to person and the normality of having one fear or another shifts with each subjective opinion. But there are a lot of weird phobias out there. Some people are afraid of spiders, so  suffering from arachnophobia while others have tarantulas for pets but are afraid of clowns – coulrophobia. “Phobos” in Greek means “fear” or “morbid fear”. Add a word also in Greek which defines what you are afraid of and you’ll get a name for a certain phobia.

Let’s check out some generally-accepted-as-weird phobias (people who suffer from them might find it absolutely normal to fear a certain thing):

  • gamophobia – fear of getting married – is that really a medical condition? because most guys suffer from it 😀
  • venustraphobia – fear of beautiful women – I think other women suffer from this; the cause of cat-fights may be an anxiety disorder
  • papyrophobia – fear of paper – sounds legit, paper cuts can be really bloody!
  • nomophobia – fear of losing phone contact (battery dying/no signal) – this one’s so modern; facebook-generation kids and teens must be absolutely terrified of not being able to text at a given moment in time…theeee horroooorrr 😛
  • somniphobia – fear of falling asleep – damn that’s weird; I’m the exact opposite, I’m afraid of waking up but only from Monday to Friday 😀
  • turophobia – fear of cheese – totally understandable, blue, stinky cheese can really mess you up
  • phobophobia – the fear of having a phobia – I hope phobophobiacs aren’t reading this, their fear might make them think they suffer from one or more of the phobias presented
  • metrophobia – fear of poetry – what the hell? how, how, just how can poetry scare you??? I tried to be objective and non judgmental in the beginning but I can’t with this one. If poetry scares you, you’re crazy!
  • hippopoto-monstrosesquip-pedaliophobia (read it again, you can’t have gotten it right on the first try) – fear of long words – I’m afraid of reading the name of this one so I can relate. I believe Germans are immune, they have lots of extra long words. If you have this one, get a German doctor! 🙂
  • trypophobia – fear of holes – falling into one or having one on you plane makes sense, anything else, I don’t know…
  • triskaidekaphobia – fear of the number 13 – many have the superstition, some took it to the next level but it’s only a number and in depends on your background, in some cultures 13 actually symbolizes good luck 🙂

What are you afraid of? Is it a phobia? Could it be? Do share 😀

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