What To Do While Waiting

An active life is a healthy life. You don’t get bored when you always have something to do, especially if there are a lot of fun activities on your agenda. But inherently there will be down times in which you have to wait. The question is what to do while waiting.

The first thing that comes to mind is relax, just relax. Clear your head, take deep breaths, you’re just waiting. Look around and observe, be aware of what is around you. It doesn’t require any effort. I believe people today don’t take the time to notice what’s happening around them because they’re always on the run, busy going somewhere. Relax, you’re waiting, you have time to be aware. I encourage you to try it, you will undoubtedly see interesting things 😉

Electronic devices are now the craze in waiting. If you don’t want to take a moment for yourself you most probably are using your smartphone/laptop/pda/tablet/portable gaming console/watch/kitchen sink/artificially enhanced lab mouse with wireless capabilities or whatever you use to access technology. While in line anywhere you can talk on your phone, check emails, send emails and texts, clean your inbox, organize your agenda, surf the internet, listen to music, read, play games, watch a movie/video/anime ;).

while waitingListening to music is probably the most popular thing, not just while waiting but also when in transit for example or in combination with any of the above. Hit play and then go to your mail box, no problem 🙂 The only bad part of it is the volume. Living in a big, crowded, loud city may force into going wild on the volume dial just to cover the outside noise and actually hear your music. Beware, exposing your ears to prolonged high volumes on a regular basis can cause hearing problems.

Reading a book is my personal choice. I enjoy it very much and if I read on the bus to work I don’t consider the ride as wasted time and that helps a lot getting through a tough day. If your mindset to begin with is a good one, you have better chances of walking away unscathed. I also prefer a real book, not a digital one (I guess I’m like a dinosaur now :)) ), although it might be an inconvenience to carry it around.

Another thing people do while waiting, stand alone activity (not complex 😉 ) or combined with any of the others, is something I really am not a fan of and that is smoking. Lots of people light one up when they wait. It’s their “doing nothing” thing 😛

What do you do while waiting?