Zombie Survival Guide

Zombie Survival GuideI thought I would switch it up a bit and do something fun and write a guide on surviving a zombie invasion.

In the not so distant future the human population is on the brink of extinction and have been driven into seclusion defending themselves from a zombie invasion. You’re trapped in a building and the zombies are getting close and all you can think about is “I should have read on how to survive a zombie invasion!” The question is are you the person who also becomes a zombie in the zombie movie or are you the one who survives?

A massive zombie outbreak is happening in your city and within an hour the zombie horde will be at your doorsteps. These are the slow walking and unintelligent zombies, getting bitten means game over. Your only choices are to grab what you can and run or to board up the windows and bunker down waiting for hell to unleash.

On the Run
All right you’re going to run. Plan your escape, you’ll want to take the car out of the city and somewhere safe. Keep in mind that you’ll want to get there as fast as you can and stopping for gas in that soccer mini-van is not an option and try to avoid all main roads of travel seeing as how most people are trying these routes. Live in the city? Don’t have a car? Hope you have a bike and the problem is solved.

Dress to impress…zombies! If you have any knee pads, elbow pads, or any form of physical protection you’ll want to take these gear on to prevent any bites.

Next step is to pack, make sure you have a flashlight and something you could use if you get a flat tire or run into problems. You don’t have to be faster than the bear you just have to be faster than the slowest person running away from the bear. Here’s a basic list of what you should have.

Bag Items:
1. Change in clothes
2. Flashlight
3. First aid kit
4. Survival knife(whetstone optional)
5. Rations
6. Gloves
7. Rope
8. Shovel
9. Crank radio(to keep track of safe zones/infected areas)
10. Firearm(s) (optional)

Keep in mind that on the road zombies aren’t the only threat, you’ll most likely meet hostile people but the rule of thumb is to avoid getting seen by anybody at all costs and travel in small groups. Id this outbreak lasts it’s easier to survive with fewer people and less of a chance of butting heads but on the other hand it’s the best way to learn. Quick fact, most people never rob libraries in times of chaos but it’s the greatest place to hunker down and you’ll have all the information you’ll need to do almost anything.

Congratulations for manning up and staying behind to defend what you own. All right, the zombies are near so you’ll want to be prepared. Board up the windows, any hole is a weak point, the first wave of zombies will be massive and there’s no guarantee that they will dissipate so a strong defense is the key. Even though you plan on staying behind you’ll want to pack a bag with items from the list above because in the event that the zombies break through you don’t want to panick and all you’ll have to do is grab the bag and run.

Fortify the main doors in and out of the house, if you have enough wood lying around to fashion an old school castle barricade then do it. If you’re not good with power tools then the good old book shelf behind the door should be good enough or something with a lot of weight. Probably the most overlooked places are the basement and attic, this is also a weak point of entry. Block the door that leads to the basement and attic, zombies have a way to get in the weirdest places you’d never suspect. The best plan would be to guard as little space available without boxing yourself in last resort situations, like Macaulay Culkin did in Home Alone.

Keep in mind this is a last minute zombie proofing to your house with little preparation as possible so it’s the most you could do depending on the amount of people you are with. The best advice in a situation like this is to run to a safe zone.